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Break Bulk

We are recognised for being the industry leader in the provision of break bulk distribution services. We deliver to all major retail stores as well as independent stores and delivery points.

We own and manage our own national and overborder network of bulk distribution facilities with dedicated 8 and 4 ton fleets and has the ability to handle individual parcels and boxes as well as sensitive and high value goods. We also provide an integration of the break bulk distribution function with warehouses, in-houses as well as adhoc services and take full accountability of all stock which is in our control across the entire solution.

We have an established standard operating procedure in place which ensures that there is firm POD control throughout the distribution function, this includes access to the Value web portal, e-commerce. This portal provides our clients with visibility to their PODs as and when required.

All PODs are controlled via a dedicated POD Department who ensures that all original PODs are returned to the client as well as scanned into e-docs where they can be accessed via the Value e-commerce portal.

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Improved Cash Flow

E-portal enabling clients to immediately submit documents for payment.


Full Accountability

Should we lose or damage stock we will refund the client the cost of the stock.


Full Visibility

Proof of delivery documentation is immediately available.

Depending on the time sensitivity of deliveries clients can either send breakbulk via our express division or utilise our cost effective road option.

Breakbulk distribution is the reason why internet companies operating out of garages now turnover billions of rand in revenue. So if you are starting up a new business and want a partner that can assist you in reaching your growth strategy, we are definitely the company you should turn to.


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