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With a clear understanding of your particular needs, we will determine the number and fleet configuration of dedicated vehicles required to deliver your goods cost effectively and at the specified service level. We will purchase the vehicles, customise them to suit your requirements and manage all facets of the transportation function on your behalf.

Our services include achievement of the agreed service levels, flexibility to increase the size of the fleet to cater for peak demand periods, hiring, training and management of drivers and crew, efficient management and reporting, safe and flexible delivery of stock and valuable feedback and reporting for strategic decision-making and service improvement.


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No hassle

Zero risk for loss or damages.

Focus On Your Core Business

Innovative and customised vehicle design/solutions.

Great customer service

In-House trained staff to maximise efficiencies and productivity.

Vehicles Selection & Fleet Management

  • Reduce fleet count.
  • Innovative and customised vehicle design/solutions.
  • Flexibility to gear up for peak periods.
  • Improve fleet lifespan.
  • Alleviate mishandling of fleet.
  • Improve fuel consumption.
  • Manage kilometres and fuel consumption through:
    • Sophisticated route scheduling.
    • Benefit from preferential pricing.

Labour Management

  • Reduce overtime costs.
  • Maximise efficiencies and productivity.
  • Manage driver behaviour.
  • Manage labour relations.
  • Flexibility to gear up for peak periods.

Product Management

  • Accountability for stock.
  • POD – no POD, we pay.
  • Accountability for lost or damaged products.
  • Zero risk for loss or damages.


  • Value has invested and developed sophisticated software that enables:
    • Route scheduling.
    • Track & trace.
    • Electronic POD.
    • Handheld scanners.
    • Warehouse management systems.


Head Office:
49 Brewery Road, Isando, 1600

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