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Dedicated and Multi-Principle Warehousing

Our warehouse model allows for both a dedicated warehousing service for larger customers where the operation requires the management of large volumes, as well as multi-principal warehousing services for those customers who require warehousing on a smaller scale with lower volumes.

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State of the art

WMS and IT Infrastructure.


Stock control and accuracy

Daily cycle counts and periodic stock takes.

Multi-skilling of staff

Ensuring efficiencies during peak periods.

For dedicated warehousing, processes are engineered to meet your specific requirements and provide alignment with your business processes. This service further allows for integration with your system in order to allow for smoother processes which are automated as far as possible.

Multi-principal warehousing allows for shared resources within a standard warehouse solution with standard processes allowing for consistent, optimal flow of processes across smaller operations of the same industry. This is a cost effective solution as a result of the advantage of economies of scale and the ability to leverage off of our IT infrastructure. Multi-principal warehousing allows for flexibility across operations in terms of managing fluctuating volume.


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