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Email Scams

We would like to inform you that the Value Brand has been found to be used in various internet SCAMS of late.

Value is doing all we can once these are reported to prevent this from happening however as you know in this day and age with the technology out there it is almost impossible to stop all these targeted attempts. As such we urge you to take note of the e-mail below (Example 1) and the letter (Example 2) that was attached to it for reference.

Value will never send an e-mail like this to our customers or even potential customers. Should you receive something similar to this please advise our call centre or your assigned customer relations manager immediately for us to be able to take action.

On the below sample we have requested the domain used (valueexpresscourier.com) to be blocked as it is not a Value LTD owned domain,  any other instances of this nature we will treat in exactly the same way. Further to this, a case for fraud has been logged with the Cyber Crimes unit for investigation.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Example 1: Letter

From: Mr. Mike Osborne [mailto:mike@valueexpresscourier.com] Sent: Monday, 15 May 2017 5:40 PM
To: █████████████████████████
Subject: Shipment details/charges for parcel Ref No: ZA20048895

Good day █████████,

We would like to confirm to you that we have received your parcel for immediate delivery to your address. In order to complete this delivery, enclosed is a copy of our delivery formalities and corresponding charges which must be fulfilled/paid by you before we commence delivery to your address.

Moreover, you are advised to complete this details below.

You are to get back to us with the required details below:

  1. Your Preferred Delivery Option from the listed options attached:
  2. Your Delivery Address:
  3. Your Mobile Number:

We would like to let you know that once again that the payment for this parcel delivery must be made before we commence delivery to your address.

Yours in service

Mike Osborne

Head Customer Preposition
10 Essex Rd, Tunney Ext. 10,
South Africa
P: +27(0) 87 550 6340
F: +27(0) 86 603 4877

Example 2: Attachment

Scam Email Attachment


Head Office:
49 Brewery Road, Isando, 1600

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