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Forklift Tyres


SolidValue is our own brand of forklift tyre and is imported directly from India from a factory which has established itself as a market leader in India and Europe. Our tyres are quality tyres which are on par with well-known South African brands. We are able to supply all popular tyre sizes to fit any brand of forklift, including non-marking tyres.

Features of SolidValue tyres are as follows:

  • Unique tread design for improved traction and low rolling resistance resulting in improved energy efficiency
  • Soft-Resilio layers for increased driving comfort and reduced equipment maintenance
  • High durometer hard base compounds for lower deflection and excellent stability
  • Larger surface contact area for improved tyre life




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Own brand

Of Forklift Tyres.


From a market leader in India and Europe.

All popular sizes

To fit any brand of forklift.


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49 Brewery Road, Isando, 1600

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