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Full Maintenance Lease

If you are looking to simplify your distribution model perhaps you should be considering our Full Maintenance Lease option.

With many key advantages such as freeing up capital for future expansion, improved cash flow and removing your vehicle cost off your balance sheet, Full Maintenance Leasing could be the option for you.

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No hassle

Call us. Choose your truck. Pay.

50km free on your first hire!

Terms and Conditions apply.

Great customer service

24-Hour back-up service to keep the wheels turning.

Key Advantages

  • Your capital is freed up for expansion and investment.
  • Cash flow is improved.
  • Vehicle cost is off balance sheet and is a tax deductible expense.
  • All maintenance is controlled using our workshops.
  • Licencing is included in the monthly fee and COF.

  • Only one invoice is processed monthly.
  • Your budget is simplified as all costs are known in advance.
  • Administration burden is alleviated.
  • Complex logistics around road legislation is transferred to a third party.


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