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Transportation of Dangerous Goods

If you are planning to transport hazardous goods such as chemicals or high pressure flammable materials, compliance to stringent dangerous goods vehicle requirements is non-negotiable.

When transporting dangerous goods it is imperative that you transport these goods in a compliant vehicle. Failure to do so, could place the health and safety of employees, as well as the community, at risk. There is also a high probability of being fined for failure to comply with the various road regulations.

Value Truck Rental in conjunction with Freightpak, offers Transportation of all classes of Dangerous Goods in accordance with the requirements of the National Road Traffic Act, SANS codes and other Legislation governing the transportation of Dangerous Goods.

Value Truck Rental vehicles are equipped with the following items, making our Rental vehicles one of the best options to transport your dangerous goods:

  • All vehicles are licenced for transporting dangerous goods
  • Each vehicle is fitted with isolator switches and fire extinguishers
  • Vehicles have visible dangerous goods boards and brackets
  • Fire permits and First aid kits are supplied with every vehicle
  • Our drivers are trained and specialize in dangerous goods transport
  • We have a large Hazchem fleet ranging from 1ton to 8ton  light delivery vehicles, drop-side trucks, panel-vans and curtain-sides

If you would like to ensure that you are transporting your dangerous goods responsibly with compliant vehicles then get in touch with us.

Please note: we DO NOT supply TIPPER TRUCKS

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Additional options


  • Full Maintenance Leasing (FML) trucks.
  • First class truck drivers or self-drive option.
  • Competitive truck insurance rates.

Specialised trucks


  • Truck Mounted Cranes.
  • Tail Lifts trucks.
  • Hazchem compliant trucks for dangerous goods transport.
  • Refrigerated trucks with the latest insulation and fridge technology.
  • Mine spec vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to open an account to hire a truck?

No, we can help you with COD (cash on delivery) for truck hire.

Must I pay a deposit for truck hire?
Yes, this amount will be determined by your truck rental requirements.

Can I pay by credit card for truck rental?
Yes, truck rental may be paid by credit card.

Do I need to supply my own truck driver?
The choice is up to you! However, should you decide to use your own driver, please make sure that they have the necessary truck licenses (please see below.)

What licenses do I need to rent a truck from you?
1 Ton: Code 8

1 – 8 Ton: Code 10 with PDP

Above an 8 Ton truck: You are required to make use of a value truck driver

What do I need for a private truck rental?
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Signed Terms and Conditions
  • For refund purposes:
    • ID
    • Letter from bank (bank stamped or cancelled cheque)

What do I need for a business truck rental?
  • Terms and conditions signed by company director
  • Completed and signed Credit Application
  • Copy of company directors ID
  • If truck will be self-driven: Proxy form (signed by company director)
  • For refund purposes:
    • ID
    • Letter from bank (bank stamped or cancelled cheque)


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