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Infrastructure, Strengths & Capabilities

What if there were significant opportunities to maximise your supply chain that could minimise your risk and potentially save you money?

In our thirty plus years of experience at Value Logistics Group, we have enabled countless businesses to do just that and the reason why may be less obvious than you realise. You see, most businesses have a distribution model that scales anywhere from fully owned to full outsourced. As your business has grown and adapted to the market, your choice of distribution model is likely to have been shaped more by default than by design, as a result, there are likely to be aspects of your distribution model that you have just always done that way but may no longer be the optimal distribution model for where you are or where you’re going. In other words, if your distribution model has been shaped by the changes in your business over time, how can you be sure that what you have is an optimal cost-to-risk ratio?

Because Value Logistics Group has the infrastructure to offer one end-to-end supply chain solution, as one business, with one single point of accountability, we are not only able to understand the friction points in your supply chain, we also have the expertise to shape solutions that minimise these friction points and often, as a result, reduce your overall distribution costs.

By understanding and managing every touch point in your supply chain and having the infrastructure to offer varied solutions, we can work with you to design a distribution model that optimises your cost-to-risk ratio. The real question is quite simple: Is distribution your business? Or a core aspect of the success of your business? If the latter, perhaps it’s time to chat to us and move from the distribution model you have defaulted to over time, to designing the optimum distribution model for your future.

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