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Komatsu’s primary objective since 1955 has been the achievement of lowest operating costs for their range of forklifts. With this as their driving force behind design and manufacturing, the customer receives all the benefits when using the Komatsu range. We pride ourselves in supplying the industry complete and innovative packages which are recognized as the most comprehensive and cost effective solutions offered.

Our product ranges from 1 – 20 ton, petrol, diesel and LP gas. The products are highly innovative on ergonomics and performance which allows for increased productivity and cost effectiveness. The trend in the industry over the last few years has seen companies moving from petrol or diesel powered to electric powered machines mainly due to environmental considerations. It is most prominent in the food and fruit industry where pollution control is essential, although there is a shift across all industries. Reliability is the most important factor in a forklift customers’ purchase decision and we have built our reputation on the reliability of the products we offer. For a more in-depth look at Komatsu and the product range available please visit www.komatsu.com




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