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Mine Spec Vehicles

Our ability to supply Southern Africa’s mining industry with mine-spec vehicles is surpassed only by our innate ability to meet client specific needs including innovative solutions in design.

Mine Spec vehicles are not only used on mines but also at construction sites where increased safety is imperative.  These vehicles need to meet the visibility and identification standards as laid out by the Mine Health and Safety Act at each operation. Available on a daily, monthly or ad hoc basis.

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Fully FRCS compliant

Ensuring highest level of safety.


Safety and identification equipment.

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24-Hour back-up service to keep the wheels turning.

Our Mine Spec Vehicles can be fitted with a range of safety and visibility identification equipment for different road-going vehicles entering a mine or construction site.  Standard items like reflective yellow, white and red tape on both sides, front and back of the vehicle, a flashing / rotating amber light or strobe light, that must be used at all times when on site are some of the many fixtures we are able to add to our mine spec vehicles.

High visibility flags, or buggy whips as they are often referred to, should meet the minimum requirement of 3.4m above ground level when fitted to the vehicle.  Reversing alarms that need to be clearly audible above any background noises are another identification feature required by most mine operations which our Mine Spec vehicles have added to them.

To further accentuate safety aspects, vehicles are fitted with a unique Collision Avoidance System (CAM).  Poor visibility collisions often occur on mining operations due to blind spots on large mining vehicles. The CAM system identifies potential problems by looking in all high risk directions at once and attracts the driver’s attention to those areas where potential collisions could occur.

Some mines may require elevated tail lights which are raised at the vehicle roof line and include tail lights, brake lights and indicators. We are able to meet all of the mine specification vehicle requirements and many more through our state-of-the-art workshop facility.

Our offering also includes full maintenance leasing and outright purchase.


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