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Reverse Logistics

We lead the way in the provision of reverse logistics solutions for global suppliers to the Southern African retail industry. The specialised nature of this type of logistics means that there is little room for error. Potentially big losses can be incurred by the retailer, the supplier or the logistics service provider depending on where the blame is pinned. For this reason we approach reverse logistics in a scientific manner with processes and procedures put in place to ensure the operation is run with military-like precision. We have gone so far as to dedicate fleets nationwide and across the border, as well as floor space and top logisticians to its reverse logistics division.


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“Plugged in”

To our Group’s IT infrastructure.

Dedicated fleets


We lead the way

In the provision of reverse logistics solutions.

The division is also “plugged in” to our Group’s IT infrastructure and round-the-clock call centre. This means that drivers are a call away from the centre where agents can assist them speedily with information needed. It also puts the call centre in touch with the customer which is invaluable for unscheduled returns or where a well-trained driver deems a problem may exist (such as goods that are damaged or paperwork that is incorrect.) In the event of delivery rejections, which entails another form of reverse logistics, the same support system can be used between the driver, call centre, the customer and the retailer and solutions can be arranged on the spot.


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