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STILL provides customised solutions to Intralogistics worldwide. For more than 50 years STILL has developed and manufactured high grade industrial trucks driven by electric, diesel and LP gas.  High emphasis is placed on properties that make work easier on all STILL trucks. STILL stands for premium quality. “It will always occur that somebody is cheaper, but it must never occur that somebody delivers something better” was a credo by Hans STILL.

STILL have a broad variety of products to cater for all options. The STILL product range is designed for quick battery changes and have extremely light steering for ease of maneuverability thus reducing driver fatigue. STILL forklifts’ powerful diagnostics within the controller allows faults to be traced quickly, reducing down times and servicing costs. Important driving characteristics such as acceleration and braking can be adjusted using the digital controller as well as pre-selection of maximum speeds for efficient vehicle operation.

There are 60+ global key accounts positioned in South Africa. For more on the STILL brand and product range, including the special features and video clips please visit www.STILL.de.

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Maximum flexibility

In selecting products in the intralogistics range.

Powerful diagnostics

Reducing down times and servicing costs.

Designed for ease of use

Through light steering and quick battery changes.

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