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Diesel & LP Gas Forklift Trucks

Economical and powerful: The IC engine trucks from STILL! The diesel and LP Gas trucks provide precisely the right machine for any application. Innovations make it easy for any driver: All IC engine trucks in the RX 70/ R70 range are extremely easy to operate and drive. Man and machine in perfect teamwork: STILL ensures that using the truck is untiring and safe. The wide steps are easily visible from above and the seat is designed to protect the back in accordance with ergonomic findings. Added to this, the intelligent cockpit electronics help the driver concentrate on his work without stress.

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Maximum flexibility

In selecting products in the intralogistics range.

Powerful diagnostics

Reducing down times and servicing costs.

Designed for ease of use

Through light steering and quick battery changes.


The Only Thing We Won’t Give You Is The Second Best Solution

STILL diesel and LPG forklift trucks are always the first choice in intralogistics where optimal handling performance is required. They combine the aspects of power, precision, ergonomics, compactness, safety and environmental responsibility in a unique way. STILL calls this integrated approach “simply efficient” and provides you today with the efficiency to deal with tomorrow’s challenges. You can be confident we will always provide you with the ideal trucks to deal with your intralogistical tasks. STILL diesel and LPG forklift trucks set the standard in reconciling all relevant features for optimal handling performance. STILL – first in intralogistics.

With its compact dimensions and extreme manoeuvrability, the smallest RX 70 is simply made for fast and precise work. There is no comparable forklift truck on the market that can cope with narrower aisle widths and no other forklift saves you more fuel. Thanks to modern hybrid technology and intelligent Blue-Q technology, the RX 70 is exceptionally energy efficient. The user-friendly driver’s cab makes it easy for the driver to feel good when working. And because all forklifts in the RX product line have an identical operating concept, this diesel or LPG truck also fits perfectly into your existing fleet – the driver has no learning curve even when changing trucks.

RX70 Hybrid – Milestone In Sustainability

It is the world’s first series-production diesel forklift that uses the principle of electric power transmission for energy recovery. This hybrid truck obtains its fuel firstly from a diesel tank and secondly from electrical energy stores, the Ultra-Caps. The electrical current generated when braking is stored in these dual layer capacitors and then made available for driving or lifting procedures. This reduces the fuel consumption by up to 20 per cent compared with the already extremely efficient RX 70 – with the same performance! A lower fuel consumption also means fewer carbon emissions, so the RX 70 Hybrid also benefits the environment. Discover the new dimension in energy saving.  The RX 70 Hybrid – it will pay off.

Highlights RX70 (2.2, 2.5, 3.0 & 3.5t)

  • Diesel – Electric drive with hybrid technology
  • Most efficient forklift in its class worldwide: only 2.5 l/h
  • Particularly stable driving behaviour due to low vehicle centre of gravity – safety by nature.
  • Extremely good visibility: test winner under ADAC test procedure
  • Compact, maneuverable and high-performance
  • Blue-Q efficiently mode: up to 10 per cent energy saving at the touch of a button.


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