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Electric Forklift Trucks

Electric forklift trucks from STILL are No.1 wherever noise reduction and freedom from exhaust gas pollution are priorities. What’s more, STILL’s electric trucks are highly reliable, tough and very economical. Robust, powerful traction batteries with a high storage capacity and long service life provide ample energy for an 8 hour shift. In addition, the electric trucks from STILL offer a high level of working safety, comfort and functionality. For example, the driver has a free choice of driving characteristics on the RX 20, RX 50 and RX 60, setting completely new standards in the electric truck field. For more in depth information on this product please feel free to download this brochure.

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Maximum flexibility

In selecting products in the intralogistics range.

Powerful diagnostics

Reducing down times and servicing costs.

Designed for ease of use

Through light steering and quick battery changes.

RX50 – Small But Strong

With the RX 50, STILL has further developed the most popular and best-selling three-wheel electric forklift truck – simply making the best even better.  Its dimensions make the RX 50 the most compact three-wheel electric forklift truck with rear-wheel drive in its class.  With its narrow working aisle width, it saves travel path space which means more room for storage.  From the forklift truck’s low center of gravity for dynamic cornering to the user-friendly driver’s cab, the simple battery access and control electronics, the RX 50 provides you with a whole range of technical benefits.  The arrow lifting capacity gradation of between 1.0 and 1.6 tons also means you can select just the right equipment for the required usage profile.  Whether in fruit and vegetable warehouses, in the food industry or in trade, in foundries, good inwards and outwards areas of haulage companies, or in multi-shift operation in the car industry (e.g. a provisioning forklift truck on production lines) – you can rely on the RX 50 everywhere.

STILL Electric Counter Balance Trucks

The right solution for any application !

STILL electric trucks are first choice wherever exhaust gas free and silent operation are a requirement. These trucks combine power, precision, ergonomics, compactness, safety and environmental responsibility in a unique way making them “simply efficient”. STILL electric trucks will supply you today with the efficiency you will need to master tomorrow’s challenges. The wide range of load capacities, the modular design concept and the powerful traction batteries make sure you get exactly the truck that matches your requirements. As all STILL electric trucks are fitted with Blue-Q by standard, they also set the standards in terms of eco-friendliness and economy.

STILL  is always one step ahead, that also applies to our electric forklift trucks. Our engineers always develop innovative ideas to make our forklift trucks even faster and more agile, while being even safer to operate.  The patent office knows a thing or two about it because many of these developments have become industry standards.  Such as the innovative protected roof design, the enclosed disc brake, the ability of the driver to freely select the forklift’s driving behaviour and the lateral battery changing.  You notice it in every detail.  STILL electric forklift trucks come with 90 years’ experience and development capacities.

Lateral battery changing – a STILL invention.  Lateral battery changing enables the forklift’s battery to be quickly and safely changed without a crane.  The change is simply made with the help of another forklift or pallet truck.  The change can also be conveniently carried out using the optional integrated discharger which makes the battery available next to the forklift truck at the touch of a button.  The benefits are apparent.  The battery can be exchanged right at the point of use, there is no need to journey to and from the central charging station – the time saved can be used for productive work.  With lateral battery changing you will save yourself an expensive crane, avoid the associated operating risks and gain improved safety.


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