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Truck Repairs & Maintenance

We maintain and repair our fleet of vehicles at dedicated workshops situated in all the major centres throughout South Africa. The workshops, accredited by UD Trucks, are fully equipped to handle all types of servicing and repairs and are supported by fully stocked parts stores to provide maximum uptime of vehicles. All vehicles are maintained and kept to a high mechanical standard to ensure maximum availability.

All vehicles are road tested and subjected to a brake roller tester after each service or repair to ensure their operational efficiency and safety. Technicians are continuously trained to ensure they are skilled to maintain and repair the various products operating in the fleet. Breakdowns are controlled nationally from a 24 hour centralised call centre that manages and co-ordinates the recovery and repair.

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By UD Trucks.

Continuous Training

Of Technicians to ensure they are skilled to maintain and repair.


24-Hour Centralised Call Centre

That manages and co-ordinates the recovery and repair of all vehicles.


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49 Brewery Road, Isando, 1600

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