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Value Added Warehousing Services

All value added services are discussed in detail and a process is configured to ensure that processes are carried out as per the customers’ requirements.

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Warehouses nationally.

State of the art

WMS and IT infrastructure.

Multi-skilling of staff

To allow for ramping up of operations during peaks.

Value added services

Banding of products

We have the capability to band products as per your requirements for the purpose of promotions.

Grading of returns

We offer you the opportunity to grade any stock that has been returned or potentially damaged. By being able to grade the stock, there is a possibility of identifying those items which are in a saleable condition as well as those which are not. The result being that a damaged / faulty product which has been returned does not get to a customer.

Application of promotional stickers to boxes

Where specific stickers are required to be applied to items for the purpose of a promotion, we can apply these stickers as per your requirement.

Inspection of stock / quality assurance

Upon the receipt of all stock, we ensure that a quality check is carried out on each product in order to identify whether there are any product issues which are visible at the point of receipt. Any quality problem identified is communicated to you for visibility and planning purposes.

Price ticketing

We have the capability and functionality to provide a service of attaching price tags to products as per your requirements.


We offer the opportunity for you to have a quarantine area provided within the warehouse which will allow for a separate area for specific processes such as inspections, customs checks or problem stock isolation.

Inclusion of vouchers into packing

Where applicable, we also have the skill, knowledge and know-how on carrying out a process of inserting vouchers, warranty cards or instruction manuals into a product packaging. This process is usually conducted in a separate area also allowing for tighter control over the products and ensuring that the integrity of the stock is maintained.

Processing of inbound damages

All inbound damages are separated from good stock and processed according to standard procedures agreed.


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