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Our Approach to Customer System Integration

Our IT capabilities enables us to create efficiencies and visibility for customers throughout the logistics supply chain.

Through seamless integration between our systems and our customers systems, we receive and process thousands of real time transactions per minute without manual intervention.

Our Integration framework has been purpose built by our in-house IT team to meet customer requirements.

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Purpose built

To meet customer requirements.

Seamless integration

Between our systems and the customer’s.

Experienced team

Creates efficiencies and visibility for our customers.

Framework Specifications

Custom built integration middleware based on XML standards using Microsoft Biztalk Server.

Interface Methods

XML-based WCF Web Services, AS/2, FTP.

Support and Maintenance

Our in-house IT develops and maintains the integration layer (no outsourced vendors are used) allowing quick customisations and enhancements according to customer need.

Transactions supported

10,000 transactions / minute.

Transactions supported

All key transactions in logistics life cycle including: Clearing and forwarding, orders, dispatch, tracking, delivery, deliveries/POD’s, billing, returns.


Tracking per parcel according to parcel labels, tracking of serial numbers (incl. IMEI) per product. Automatic dimensioning of consignments via DWS machines as required.

Visibility to Customer

Dashboard Reports and real-time updates and tracking via Web Portal of all logistics events.


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