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Farewell Driver 101

Petrus Baloyi celebrates 34 years at Value Logistics DRIVER NUMBER ONE   Petrus holds the honour of being the first driver at Value and holds the prestigious position as driver number one. The business started on the 1 May 1981 and on that day Petrus reported to...

Compliance issues continue to impede importers

Compliance issues continue to impede importers Joy Orlek   Despite efforts to educate the shipping industry in the complex compliance requirements of the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS), importers are continuing to face delays and...

Value Logistics

With over 30 years of experience in distribution, we’ve come to realise that doing what is easier should never replace doing what is right. When evaluating a distribution partner, it should not merely be about rate, but about managing your cost to risk ratio. This...

Value Logistics (Hong Kong) Ltd

The Clearing and Forwarding Division has entered into a joint venture with Weida Freight System, a Chinese forwarder and custom broker. This has resulted in a new company, Value Logistics (Hong Kong) Ltd, been registered in Hong Kong and the opening of Hong Kong...

Pharmaceutical Company Case Study

Pharmaceutical Company and Value Logistics Partnership History The case study is about the distribution model chosen by a pharmaceutical company that is listed on the JSE, and is considered as one of the top 3 pharmaceutical companies in South Africa. The...

FMCG Case Study

FMCG Manufacturer’s Warehouse and Distribution Optimisation Case Study   Background Value performs the warehousing and distribution functions for a global FMCG Manufacturer of household cleaning and scent products, floor care, household pest control, car care and...


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