Hearts of Hope is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) and Non Profit Company (NPC) that strives to enhance the lives of orphaned, abandoned and  vulnerable children in their care through quality individual care and development, allowing them a childhood.  Hearts of Hope has been in operation since 2003, having begun as a group of volunteers in 1997. They pride themselves in their strong governance procedures and operating systems.  Their core project is their children’s home in Wendywood, Johannesburg where they care for 34 children at any one time.   Since 2008, 108 children have lived in the home. The last 3 years have seen 14-16 children leave annually to be reunited with family or to be adopted.

Their vision is to provide a platform of ‘family based’ care for vulnerable children, from all backgrounds and health circumstances, particularly those who are affected and/or infected by HIV/Aids.

Enhancing the lives of vulnerable children through developmental and educational care, enabling them to have a childhood.

Since 2015, they have built and established a wholly owned ECD Centre, The Wendywood Development Centre for children aged 3 months-6 years’ old. The Centre provides educational services from, playgroup to Grade R.  In addition, the Principal of the school establishes and implements stimulation programs for the babies and toddlers.

Seeds of Africa, is a non-profit organization focused on enterprise and supplier development as well as early childhood development in previously disadvantaged communities.  In order to facilitate and maximise positive socio-economic transformation their Adopt-a-Crèche initiative focuses on supporting and assisting vulnerable disadvantaged children who come from informal settlements. This initiative’s core purpose is to assist the crèches with teacher training and provision of resources needed to ensure the children are taught a standard of education that prepares them sufficiently for their informative years of schooling.

Seeds of Africa have partnered with an Early Childhood Development Specialist who has designed a curriculum that fits in with the Department of Education’s requirements for early childhood development.  In addition they have an in-house Crèche Co-ordinator that visits the crèches on a regular basis to monitor and evaluate their progress. Seeds of Africa serve many crèches in their local                                                                                community & are completely committed to providing ongoing assistance & support in the best interest of each of the children at the                                                                                crèches.

Peninsula Feeding Association is a non-profit organization that addresses hunger in young learners attending primary, secondary and special needs schools as well as orphaned and vulnerable children centres, early childhood development centres and technical and vocational education and training colleges in the Western Province.

Their mission is to combat the prevalence of hunger in children attending schools and other developmental institutions through this feeding and other developmental initiatives, while they are at school.

Established in 2011, Khulisani is a 51% black female owned Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE) and is an accredited training provider, primarily focused on the agricultural sector.

Khulisani are uniquely positioned as a training and employment creation vehicle for the upliftment of persons living with a disability. They partner with blue chip corporate clients in the Skills Development, Employment Equity, Preferential Procurement, Enterprise Development, Supplier Development and Socio Economic Development space.

Their agricultural training centre of excellence is based in the KZN Midlands and comprises of an agricultural academy in partnership with a commercial farm.

With Khulisani as an Enterprise Development and Supplier Development vehicle, their Learn 2 Earn program and Small Micro Enterprises create employment opportunities for persons with a disability.

Through their partnership with Employability (a registered NPO) they are able to, through Socio Economic Development donations, uplift rural disadvantaged communities.

Their vision is to create innovative and sustainable opportunities for persons living with a disability.

The Royal Drakensburg Primary and Khanyisela Project, situated in Northern Drakensberg, aims to impact the lives of rural children by providing quality pre-school education.  Their vision is to provide a safe and nurturing space where pre-school learners can receive quality education in the short term and in the long term to create people who will continue to positively contribute to society.

Their focus is on teaching the children to read, ensuring they are well fed and providing a safe place for them to play.  Joining the school when the children are four, the project has seen excellent results, resulting in the children, who live in the local village and come from disadvantaged backgrounds, leave the school ready to take on formal learning when they turn 7.