Value Logistics’ Position And Plan Concerning Covid-19 (Novel Corona)


10th March 2010

Dear Valued Customers

With the current concerns regarding the COVID-19 Epidemic, Value Logistics would like to inform all customers regarding steps taken and planned relating to a potential outbreak.

Processes applied by Value Logistics:

1. Value Logistics developed a Contingency plan to address the potential outbreak of the virus addressing the
a. risks,
b. mitigations measures and
c. continuity plans to enable us to continue with our operations.

2. A Task team has been established to do preparations and execute the plan in accordance with the need.

3. The following points form part of the contingency plan:
a. Communication and awareness programme implemented- Continuous factual information sharing with the employees regarding the virus, symptoms, protection and prevention.
b. A focused hygiene campaign.
c. No physical contact- hand shaking allowed in the Value Group.
d. Encouragement of employees to stay at home and obtain medical advice when ill.
e. Installation and supply of sanitizers at all sites and in all vehicles to prevent spreading.
f. Increase in vigilance and monitoring from management to identify ill employees.
g. Reporting and monitoring of potential cases as and when it occurs.
h. A prohibition on international travel.
i. Internal checking of employee temperatures if they feel ill.
j. An isolation plan when employee fall ill at work.
k. Continuity plan to address any business interruptions.

Please be assured that all possible measures are taken to protect our employees and customers as far as reasonably practicable, to mitigate the risk and enable us to continue providing a service to the expectations of our customers.

Kind regards

Steven Gottschalk
Chief Executive Officer: Value Group Limite