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Warehousing Overview

We operate fully owned and managed world-class warehouses nationally supported by state of the art Warehouse Management Systems and IT infrastructure which are integrated into the logistics network of the business. Our warehousing function is fully integrated with Clearing & Forwarding and Distribution. Our warehousing facilities are strategically positioned throughout Southern Africa creating the opportunity for you to supply products to customers and stores nationally.

We manage a variety of warehousing operations for various clients of different product types and industries. These industries include FMCG, consumer electronics, furniture, electronic components as well as hazardous goods.

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Warehouses nationally.

State of the art

WMS and IT infrastructure.

Multi-skilling of staff

To allow for ramping up of operations during peaks.

The warehousing operations provided

  • Fully integrated Warehouse Management System.
  • Specialisation in the design, development and reengineering of processes based on world class warehousing best practices.
  • Streamlined warehousing processes for the receiving, putaway, picking, dispatch to the Value distribution function and the return of stock to the warehouse.
  • Flexible picking methodology allowing for bulk picking, picking specific customer orders on a prioritised basis, and fine picking within all our warehouse facilities.
  • Stock control and stock accuracy through daily cycle counts and periodic stock takes.
  • Multi-skilling of staff to allow for ramping up of warehouse operations during peak periods.
  • Operational flexibility allowing for varying volumes of product to be picked and dispatched.
  • On-site and off-site storage capacity available allowing storage flexibility and overflow possibilities.

Our Warehouse Management System utilised for operations supports all capabilities required including system directed putaways, replenishment, batch control, cycle counts and wave picking. The interface layer to you is based on a generic framework that enables us to implement new interfaces for your interface timeously. To improve the quality of our service offering and ensure that the operation runs efficiently and effectively from the point of receiving to dispatch, all parcels are labelled and barcode scanned into our systems for accurate information.

For each industry, we provide the services required in terms of the management of the stock as well as other operational processes such as: Inbound container and local receiving, putaway of stock, picking for same day or next day delivery (depending on the requirement), direct dispatch and / or dispatch through logistics, collections, inter-branch transfers and reverse logistics. We strive to meet all your needs which include the provision of urgent delivery when required and the correct handling of stock throughout each process in the operation.

We believe in maintaining the integrity of the stock holding and therefore conduct cycle counts on a daily basis as well as stock takes as required by you. Any non-conformance identified within an operation is investigated and corrected with urgency in order to resolve the problem and prevent a re-occurrence. Stock is managed within the warehouses through the use of a Warehouse Management System which allows for accuracy and efficiency in carrying out the various processes. Barcode scanning and batch tracking is made available where required to further improve the service offering.

Housekeeping is an important activity within any of our operations and is carried out on a continuous basis. We can ensure a clean, safe and presentable operation.

Dedicated & Multi-Principal Warehousing

Transhipment Warehousing

Bonded Warehousing

Chemical Warehousing

Managed Warehousing Solutions

Value Added Warehousing Services



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