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Petrus Baloyi celebrates 34 years at Value Logistics



Petrus holds the honour of being the first driver at Value and holds the prestigious position as driver number one. The business started on the 1 May 1981 and on that day Petrus reported to duty as the first driver in the Value Group. The customers loved Petrus and due to his hard work there was call for more horse and trailers from the customers. In those early days we somewhat roughed it and did not have all the facilities and back up that the Group currently enjoys. A good example is on one fine day in about 1983 at 16h00 our 30 ton truck tractor came in with a faulty engine. There was a committed booking for the unit at 06h00 the following morning, so our team worked through the night and refurbished the truck tractor and had the job done by 03h00 the following morning. The booking went out on time at 06h00. In today’s time, if we are lucky, it will take 2 to 3 weeks to get the vehicle back on the road. This type of commitment is the real true grit that Value was built on and Petrus dedicated many long days, weeks and months in assisting to build Value into what it is today. Thank you Petrus for all that you have done, we are going to really miss you!

In those early days, the first three code 14 drivers were Petrus Baloyi, Moffat Mokpo and Johannes Seriti. All three of these code 14 drivers were the best in the country, and could change gears on the truck that you would think that it was a Nissan 1600 car, and could reverse those trucks into parking places, first time, with inches to spare in the tightest of situations. Our CEO Steven Gottschalk was privileged to have these three top class drivers teaching him to drive a 30 ton horse and trailer. Johannes has also retired, and Moffat Mapoko still works for the business.

34 years may seem like a lifetime to some, but for Petrus Baloyi (64), it has been an adventure. Petrus has been in the logistics industry for more than half of his life, and joined the Value team on 1 May 1981. It’s fair to say that he has most certainly earned his stripes and has built up a career anyone would be proud of.

On 28 September 2015, Petrus bid his Value family adieu as he headed off into retirement.

A committed husband and a doting father to 13 children, Petrus is very much a family man. He smiles when he speaks about his family, and recounts at how his family have been his motivation through the many decades he has worked to forge a successful career.

Petrus passed each and every one of his driving tests throughout his career, with flying colours.

If you’re looking for a driver who’s a pro when it comes to driving 30 ton superlink horse and trailers, Petrus is your man.

And his favourite part of his job? Engaging with customers and people along his journey. “I realised very early on how important customers and relationships are to us, and if we treat customers well, they will stick with us.”

Petrus is a prime example of how happy, well-trained and motivated employees are likely to be more engaging and committed to business tasks at hand, which in the greater scheme of things, leads to improved business practises and client deliverables, ultimately strengthening a company’s reputation and brand. And Petrus will be the first to tell you how his Value family became an extension of his family at home – who provided him with opportunities to progress in his career and reach new heights, all for the benefit of his family.

What’s next for Petrus? He’s very much looking forward to spending time with his family in his home in Soshanguve.

Petrus Baloyi, thank you for all your years of dedication that you have shown to the business, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Enjoy your retirement my good old friend.

The one thing that remains with Petrus that can never ever be taken away, is the honour of holding the title as DRIVER NUMBER ONE AT VALUE GROUP. This can never be beaten by any one or ever taken away and Petrus Baloyi will forever hold this title till eternity.